Why does keeping score matter?

As you may know if you have read some of my previous blogs, I am now running with the aim of completing a marathon in October.

Running has changed since I was a kid. I am sure we used to put on our runners and go? Nowadays, the first thing my wife said to buy was a GPS running watch. Her argument was that if you can’t measure where you are now, and plan where you need to get to, you are running blind.

She is right.

So my brain started thinking, as you do while running, that this is the same in business. The old way of running a company was “work hard, sell lots, and we’ll make a profit I’m sure”. The only metric was cash in the bank.

In today’s dynamic environment, this does not cut it.

The new way of doing business is to measure where you are now, articulate where you want to be and plan the strategies of how to get there. This will involve using the appropriate metrics to measure progress on a regular basis.

So how is my running going? Because I’m keeping score, I know this morning I ran a poor 5.3km, but that it was still better than what I felt was a real effort three weeks ago. I know that I ran my fastest 5km and 10km intervals ever on Sunday. And I know I have a long way to go before I can conquer 42.2km with my wife in October. But I also know I am sticking to my plan, and that I am getting faster and stronger. It’s in the numbers.

And thanks to our awareness of the new way of doing business, keeping score means I also know how my business is travelling regarding the forecasts and strategy.

So, are you keeping score?


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